90-Minute Version of 7-Day Stress Healing Intensive!
 Healing Session With Jennifer McLean
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>> Monday June 5, 5:30pm Pacific Time <<
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Your 90-Minute Version of 7-Day Stress Healing Intensive 
Your 90-minute Stress Crash Course was a HIT!
As we swiftly journeyed through the first 7 Days of my Stress, Anxiety & Overwhelm Healing Intensive, we experienced breakthrough after breakthrough.
We halted the pressure of life in its tracks by understanding the mechanisms of stress and discovering ways in which the pent up energy can actually be released… as soon as we feel it!
We unwound the parts of us that feel vulnerable in the face of life's challenges…
And we claimed and embodied our power. 
Potent STT healing sessions created an enormous emotional and transformational release to create further space in your field of being, allowing for more peace and calm to naturally happen.
And together we dissolved stress and anxiety and moved into confidence, power, trust, clarity, flow and balance.
These 90 minutes are truly life-changing.
Check out the replay right in the player below (24 hours left!)
Imagine, just 30 minutes each day, establishing a solid foundation and new neural pathways of healing, calming, life-honoring freedom…
Simply as you listen while in the shower, on the treadmill, in the car, or winding down at night.
We are in such extreme times these days; and this program was designed for this exact time in your life.
Your days will look like they are your own, and you are in command.
Life no longer “gets” you but, instead, you flow and even create with consciousness…
Breaking the chains of bondage that stress can create…
And fostering true freedom in thought, word and deed...
Leading to a lightness of being...
Creating powerfully connected and healed relationships...
And activating health that is more vibrant and whole.
This is just a tidbit of what awaits you when you continue this journey through all 21 habit-breaking days…
Join now  by clicking the green button below and let’s together break the old patterns of thoughts and beliefs that are weighing you down.

Your Replay
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